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Tiny Homes - Granny Flats

Have you considered creating an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)? An ADU a smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a stand-alone single-family home. These structures are also known as granny flats, accessory apartments or second units. We can upgrade or build a hangout space for your family and friends, whether you need an in-law suite, home office, man cave, she shed or pool house.

As we’re surveying your home, we will ensure there is room for your project and the structure will comply with all codes, rules, and regulations. Next, we present a realistic budget range and design options to you. We will guide you throughout the entire remodeling process and provide you with updates every step of the way.


Backyard ADU's

RP Construction Custom Homes is a home building company that will build a detached, small, and completely functional living spaces in your backyard. If you have ample space in your backyard that you want to use for living, adding a secondary unit is an excellent idea. And don’t worry if you’re pressed for space, we can work out plans that don’t require too much space.

You can opt either for a detached backyard unit or an attached Accessory Dwelling Unit—we are comfortable with building both. Backyard ADUs help address housing problems in Salem, improve your rental prospects, and are a great privacy feature if you have a mother-in-law or other family member living with you.

Giving your family members their own, separate, personal, private, and completely functional space near your own house solves several problems all at once! Backyard ADUs are the perfect addition to a multigenerational household, and make taking care of your aging parents easier.

Get in touch with us and tell us your requirements—whether you have something specific in mind or not, we can build your backyard ADUs just the way you want them!

Benefits of ADU's

Affordable Housing

Finding affordable housing is challenge facing many retired Oregonians. Because they are smaller and share property with another residence, ADUs are a more affordable housing option.

Increased Property Value

While ADUs are a significant investment, it adds value to your property. Potential buyers will see your ADU as an asset; they may want to use it as a secondary dwelling unit, a home office, or a guest house for visitors and family.

Land Conservation

Adding an ADU to your existing property places another housing unit on the market – without the need for additional land. Plus, the smaller sizes of ADUs are a more sustainable housing option for some people than larger single-family residences.


Detached ADUs provide additional privacy for the residents than attached ADUs. Renters or service providers can feel like they have their own place, with privacy from the other residence. For elderly family members, an ADU allows you to give them a greater amount of independence than they would have in a retirement community/assisted living community/nursing home.

Potential Uses For ADU's

Rental Income

Accessory Dwelling Units are the perfect fit for short- and long-term rentals. If you live in a popular community, you can Airbnb your ADU and get additional rental income. Or, you may choose to live in your ADU and rent out your main residence to short- or long-term tenants.

Support Family

To meet today’s alternative family arrangements, you need to use alternative housing options. ADUs make great in-law quarters and provide families with a place to care for their aging parents. ADUs are also a popular way to give adult children a place to live while respecting their privacy.

House Caregivers

If your family relies on an on-site caregiver – like a live-in nurse or nanny – an ADU will give them the privacy and independence they need, while also giving you the on-site convenience you are looking for.

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